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The Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment deals with agriculture, rural development, food, plant protection, veterinary medicine and zootechnics, forestry, hunting and fishing, the safety and quality of feeding stuff and food or foodstuffs – with the exception of food supplements – foodstuffs for particular nutritional use or foodstuffs for special medical purposes and food or foodstuffs for use in hospitality activities, institutional catering and canteens, and tasks related to environmental protection, nature conservation, water management and climate change; public services engaged in the protection of the environment, in nature conservation and water management; ionizing radiation protection, combat the effects of natural disasters, and investments in environmental and water infrastructure.

Within the Slovene public administration the field of research falls within the competence of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (MESCS). Besides MESCS as the main responsible ministry, for implementing the National Research and Innovation Programme other ministries are involved with respect to their fields of responsibility. The National Research and Innovation Programme 2011-2020 as the key strategic and political document of the Slovenian policy on research and innovation is currently being implemented.

MAE is involved:

§  in the co-financing of applied research projects, which are directed towards a specific practical aims or objectives and have a practical value for agriculture sector; and

§  in the Target Research Programme (TRP) «Securing.si food for tomorrow». TRP is problem-oriented and targeted towards improving Slovene agriculture competitive capacity, which should form the basis for successful and sustainable development and an increase the living standard in rural area. It takes into account the basic guidelines from the Resolution on Strategic Policy of Development of Slovenian Agriculture and Food Technology on the sustainable development of Slovenia and the interconnection and dependence of economic, social and environmental dimensions of agriculture and rural development. In connection with TRP, MAE is involved in preparing the research priority for calls for tender (focus areas and themes) and in the process of selecting projects in the above mentioned fields of responsibility.


International cooperation

MAE has been involved in four ERA-NET initiatives and few SCAR-CWG, 3 of which are still ongoing (EUPHRESCO II, FORESTERRA, Core Organic 2) and in which we actively contribute. Furthermore the MAE is currently involved in the proposal preparation of 3 new ERA-NET’s.  MAE is member of SCAR.


MAE has been invited to participate in the ARIMNet2 by MECS and INRA, due to an expressed interest of Slovenia in Mediterranean cooperation, the Euro-Mediterranean University as one of the six priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean based in Slovenia, and due to our experience in agricultural ERA-NET’s.

MAE has close collaboration with the UP SRC Institute for Mediterranean Agriculture and Olive Growing on the research and professional area (research chemical and sensory characteristics of olive and olive oil, processed and produced in Slovenian Istria, as well as morphological and genetic characteristics and particularities of olive cultivars in the field, monitoring the quality of olive oil and its promotion at home and abroad; research in the field of olive production: adapting to climate changes, irrigation systems and pest control).




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The countries of the Mediterranean basin face a number of common problems in relation to agriculture and food security, mainly as regards the use and management of natural resources, such as soil and water, crop protection and threats to the security and sustainability of agricultural production resulting from climate change...
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